Speakeasy, Photo Sixbyseven


 Every show delivers! Original music or chart topping hits!  
From black tie to blue jeans Kyle can put together a great set of rock, R & B, soul,  jazz  and more....
Kyle Pacey plays clubs, banquet halls, private parties, corporate events, weddings (cocktail or full reception).  Kyle Pacey is always a crowd pleaser.  
Kyle Pacey performs as a Solo act  (Guitar and vocals or full instrumental), Duo or Full Band can include bass, drums or percussion, brass and / or keyboard.   
CAA : What wonderful comments we received... 
Thank you very much for helping to make this evening
such an great success. 

Pour House: Combines experience and energy to deliver a satisfying show. 

Mississauga News: It's solid music all night long. 

Artword Artbar: This has been one of our best shows!
 Some venues, clubs, festivals, halls... Kyle Pacey has played:  
Hollywood Troubadour, King's Landing, Corktown Pub, Spice Factory,  Carmen's Banquet Center, Al Dente, the Artword-Artbar, Pour House, Brownies Downtown,  Cesars Windsor,  Baltimore House, Copper Kettle,  Dundas Odd Fellows Lodge,  Corktown Pub, The Speakeasy, Nina's Bistro, Acoustic Blend, Moonshine Cafe, John Paul II Polish Cultural Center, Niagara Casino, Buddy's Roadhouse, Gore Park Promenade, Waterdown Music Fest,  Mississauga Grand Banquet Center, Polish Combatants' Association, Two Doors Down, Jackson Square Rooftop, Nina's Bistro, Molson Ampitheater, Lincoln Rotary Wing Fest, Burlington Rib Fest, The Bunny Hop and Seek hosted - Concession BIA, Ronscesvalles Festival, Synco Music Festival, Roc'N'Docs, Sidewalk Sounds, It's Your Festival, Michelangelo's, Hamilton City Hall...